MASS AS Acknowledgement of EU Timber Regulation and Compliance Responsibilities


The purpose of this document is to confirm that our company is aware of the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) and is prepared to meet compliance obligations.

The EU Timber Regulation, designed to combat the trade and harvesting of illegal timber, entered into force on 3rd March 2013. The EUTR bans companies from placing illegally harvested timber or timber products on the market. In the regulation, companies that first place timber or timber products on the European market are referred to as “Operators”. Companies further down the supply chain, are referred to as “Traders”.

MASS AS acknowledges its role as an Operator and has taken all appropriate actions to comply with the requirements in EU Timber Regulation. MASS AS has a Due Diligence System (DDS) in place that includes the following elements which are outlined in Article 6 of the EUTR:


Date and place: 03.03.2013

Name: Siim Kirsipuu, MSc.

Position: Managing Director